“Wacom Cintiq 16: The Creative Journey”

This vibrant artwork by Shan Jiang  is used across our packaging and digital assets. Shan has brought to life in a single image the spirit of a young illustrator’s career path. This artwork represents all the possibilities and opportunities to choosing a pathway to becoming a professional illustrator. By using vivid colour and striking illustrations he symbolises the unexpected journey that’s waiting for them.     In an animated film we expand on the ...

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Adobe Photoshop tutorial by Colin Smith: LANDSCAPE

In this Adobe Photoshop tutorial, Colin Smith from PhotoshopCafé demonstrates the whole procedure of altering scene photographs with his Wacom Cintiq 16. The tutorial covers all the Cintiq specs and demonstrates the creation pipeline for photograph correcting and altering. "My entire workflow for editing landscape photos in Photoshop, I take a DJI drone photo and show exposure blending, dodge and burn, multiple Camera Raw, non-destructive sharpening and my entire advanced workflow, ...

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Announcing our first worldwide comic and illustration contest for art school students!

We are happy to announce our first International Comic/Manga Schools Contest for students enrolled in an art school or extracurricular art programs studying illustration, comic art, design, fine art, or other similar subjects. This year, we are opening our contest to applicants from all over the world for the first time. The theme of the contest is “gift,” and we look forward to receiving many illustrations and comic submissions. ▼ For the ...

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