Wacom #ComesWith… creativity, inspiration, success and learning

Recently, we performed some research on our Instagram stories asking you to complete a couple of sentences. Ready to see, what you replied to our final one? We wanted to know from you what you think comes with Wacom. Of course, to us Wacom always #ComesWith more, but what do you say? We also asked a couple of artists, like Jama Jurabaev, a famous concept artist, illustrator and mattepainter, when ...

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Advent Calendar [17] – Christmas Promotion Extended

Christmas promotion? What Christmas promotion? Perhaps, you did not yet see our #ComesWith promotion, as this season Wacom #ComesWith more. No worries, it's not too late. With today's tidbit we have got some great news for everyone, who has not yet been able to benefit from our Christmas promotion: The #ComesWith offers have been extended. Instead of ending on the DEC 31st, these offers will end on JAN 31st, 2020. Need a ...

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Inspiration #ComesWith… an inquisitive mind

Recently, we wanted to know from you what you think creativity #ComesWith and what success #ComesWith. Today, we shared a video of Karl Kopinski, when we had the chance to sit down & chat with him at the THU event in Malta. And wanted to learn from you what you think inspiration #ComesWith. Well, posted like this, your comments were pretty much about Karl Kopinski and what an inspiration he ...

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Success #ComesWith hard work

Success #ComesWith… hard work – most of you said

It doesn't matter, whether we're professional artists, hobbyists or being creative just for fun. Accordingly, we all think differently about what is success and what it #ComesWith. When we met the musician Ron Artis, and the artists Fernando Peque and Pedro Conti, who brought the characters in Ron's latest music video to live, at the THU event in Malta, we had the chance to chat and ask them some questions. ...

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Creativity #ComesWith Peter Ramsey

Creativity #ComesWith… your answers featuring Peter Ramsey

Creativity is a broad term that fascinates us in all its facets. It can have different meanings to different people and spring from different sources. Even in traditionally "non-creative" jobs, creativity plays a major role in tackling problems. Imagine how actors play a role and prepare for it, or how musicians perform or write their songs. So what about us? What drives our creativity, what does it come with? When we ...

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