Daria Khoroshavina (kitchenghosts) – 7 days of inspiration – Advent Calendar [24]

It's day 24 already, many of you have opened the last door in their Advent Calendar. That means, today is Christmas Eve and we have come to the final day of our 7 days of inspiration series. So we want to introduce a special artist, who has inspired us a lot this year with cinemagraphs partially inspired by Harry Potter, that already were perfectly suitable for this season. Daria Khoroshavina, ...

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Alex Vede – 7 days of inspiration – Advent Calendar [23]

Today, we want to introduce you to an illustrator, who inspired us a lot this year with his remarkable style - Alex Vede. Maybe you have already come across some of his works online, like on Instagram for example, but have you had the chance to learn more about him and his workflow? He was so kind as to answer some us some questions. If you want to know, what ...

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Anna Kuptsova – 7 days of inspiration – Advent Calendar [22]

This season #ComesWith a lot of creativity and inspiration. In our 7 days of inspiration series we introduce an inspirational artist each day. Today's artist: Anna Kuptsova, a fabulous illustrator and designer, also known as anniko_story. Because she inspired us so much this year, we wanted to get to know her and her way of working a bit better and share that information with you. Want to know, what makes ...

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Advent Calendar [17] – Christmas Promotion Extended

Christmas promotion? What Christmas promotion? Perhaps, you did not yet see our #ComesWith promotion, as this season Wacom #ComesWith more. No worries, it's not too late. With today's tidbit we have got some great news for everyone, who has not yet been able to benefit from our Christmas promotion: The #ComesWith offers have been extended. Instead of ending on the DEC 31st, these offers will end on JAN 31st, 2020. Need a ...

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