Wacom’s Deep Dive: Mayank Kumar

Once again, we take a Deep Dive into the mind and heart of our Wacom users and we ask them what inspires them, how do they get their work done and more interesting questions we believe are essential for their creativity.

Join us in this experience:


1-Thanks for having us. We love your work, tell us a little bit about your development and studies.

Honestly, it is an honor to be a part of this interview. I started art from a really early age and used to draw little comic strips for fun. I was introduced to digital art when I joined Frameboxx animation academy, Dehradun. During that time I really got into digital painting and illustrations as I learned software Like Photoshop, 3ds max, along with after effects and Premiere Pro. This helped me to enhance my artistic skills and understand the workflow on digital platforms. After then I’ve been a self-employed freelance artist since 2014. Previously I used an optical Mouse to work and later I bought my first tablet which was ONE by Wacom and It was the best art experience ever. Now that I have switched to Wacom Intous Art, I like to improve my skills every day so I doodle, Illustrate, do some random art pieces whenever I get time from projects.


2-You seem to be pretty skillful in several art styles, how is it managing different styles and brushes?

As a freelance digital artist, I guess it is important to be the jack of all trades because sometimes clients like a certain art style with certain software. In that case, you need to be flexible with the art form. I myself started as a comic artist, but then I learned logo designing, digital and concept painting, vectors and other works. Keeping knowledge of various art forms had helped me very much in my works.


3-Which one is your favorite and why?

I’ll say Illustration and comic style arts are my favorites. Working on these styles have some sort of freedom; where you can let your imagination run wild. When I was growing up I was a huge fan of comic books and Anime too, so a lot of my works are inspired by them.

 4-What inspires you?

Anything which is either creatively insane or a peaceful work of art. I have learned a lot by following seasoned artists as well as newbies. I guess the works which nurture your art as an artist, pushes you forward to create, to dream; that’s a big inspiration to me.


5-Can you recommend any tips to upcoming artists looking up to your art?

Art needs 100% commitment and dedication, so if you strive to be a good artist you need to keep practicing and learning the tools of the trade . Work on your basics and try to develop good observation skills. Let your imagination run wild and create whatever you want. Don’t give up on minor setbacks, but come back better than your previous self.  The thirst of learning something new will always keep you up in the game.


6-Tell us about your favorite music. What do you listen to when drawing?

I like listening to all types of musical genres, from Punk rock to R&bs, From Rap to EDM. While working, I am very fond of Indi-pop music, and classic Indian Movies music. My usual favorites in western music are Beatles, Queen, Bruno Mars, and Marshmello.

7-Ok, TOP 5 movies. GO!

Lord of the Rings series, The Dark Knight trilogy, Harry Potter series, Spiderman- Into the spiderverse and The Maze Runner series.


8-How do you manage your creative process? Any creative blocks suggestions?

I usually start with an idea, which I have thought of, or have been thinking of lately and then find some sources related to it. After I gather some info; that is references, stocks, brushes etc, I try to put on the paper exactly what I’ve Imagined. Sometimes things go south and It does not work as planned, so it gives you a chance to improvise your method and look at your artwork from a different perspective. I am very fond of reading and my mechanism to cope artblock is to read any good book/novel which can be a source of inspiration for my next work. Basically do what you like, until you get a feeling to draw something.

9-Any last comments for our readers, Mayank?

Put all your heart and soul in your works. Surround Yourself with people who help you thrive. Embrace your flaws, accept failures and learn from them. Lastly, appreciate and Respect the works of people around you and be thankful to your loved ones. They were the first to believe in you before even you did.

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