Wacom #ComesWith… creativity, inspiration, success and learning

Recently, we performed some research on our Instagram stories asking you to complete a couple of sentences. Ready to see, what you replied to our final one? We wanted to know from you what you think comes with Wacom. Of course, to us Wacom always #ComesWith more, but what do you say? We also asked a couple of artists, like Jama Jurabaev, a famous concept artist, illustrator and mattepainter, when we met them in Malta at the THU event. We were happy about receiving to many replies, we just want to wrap them up for you and show you what Jama said at THU.

To you, Wacom #ComesWith…

… love.

… the power to create.

… an awesome interface that is so mind blowing.

… the best team to work with.

… a flow like waves, that’s how I feel when I draw on a Wacom surface.

… natural/ergonomic way of working, creativity and fun.

… passion and dreams.

… dreaming big and making your dreams come to life.

… a unique and unparalleled way to express yourself through your art and the way you create it.

… generation of job.

… a chance to improve.

… mind, inner sound and creativity.

… freedom to create what you want.

… practice, a lot of practice.

… creativity and happiness – my mind relaxes when using it.

… positive energy.

… hope.

… showing me how impressive my 13 year old daughter draws.

… literal and emotional creative juice.

… astral art powers.

… many possibilities.

… glitters, love, rainbows and fireworks.

… everything you ever dreamed of for digital creativity.

Jama Jurabaev: what Wacom #ComesWith


When we asked Jama what Wacom comes with, he said, that it actually comes with all of the following:

And, because we want to bring creativity to the world, during this season, Wacom #ComesWith more. Want to find out more? Just click on the following image:

Wacom #ComesWith more

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