The right inspiration for Online teaching, from the right person: Sal Khan

With more than 5.6 Million suscribers on his YouTube channel, Sal Khan is a pioneer of the Online teaching techniques with many people supporting his incredible work.

From recording videos in his closet, to having one of the most amazing programs for education with the support of Google, Bill Gates and even Elon Musk! Get inspired by his story…

He created the Khan Academy in 2008, which provides free, donation-based e-learning with the aim of “providing free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere”.


Of course, this has not come easy: More than 10 years of dedication and effort have been consumated here. He truly demonstrates the potential use of video in education in every single one of his deliveries.


If you are a teacher, or you know a teacher that is struggling to adapt into the “new normal”; we reccomend you to take a look (and/or share) these videos and get the inspiration you need in order to “rock it” with your students.

Behind the Scenes

In the video, Khan is using a Wacom Intuos tablet. 

The electrical engineer, who was born in New Orleans in 1976 to an Indian mother and a Bangladeshi father, studied at Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The Khan Academy system, which has among its founding partners the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Google, The O’Sullivan Foundation, the Carlos Slim Foundation and Ann and John Doerr, has as its motto “you only have to know one thing: you can learn anything.


Khan Academy: Video in Education

Elon Musk and Khan



The Princess of Asturias Award for International Cooperation 2019 was awarded  to the mathematician.

The jury said it awarded the prize to the Khan Academy “for the consolidation of an original and transformative format that offers free educational material, via the Internet, for all ages, anywhere in the world.

Just as Khan, you Khan also do it!





Khan’s Varied Library

  • Algebra: Simplifying rational expressions; factoring quadratic equations
  • Brain Teasers: Blue Forehead Room Solution; alien abduction brain teaser
  • Biology: Embryonic stem cells; sex-linked traits
  • Current Economics: Econ. of a cupcake factory; analysis of cost per job saved from stimulus
  • History: Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Physics: Introduction to motion
  • Probability: Birthday probability problem
  • Valuation and Investing: Introduction to income statements
  • Venture Capital: Raising money for a startup

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