Save 50% on Celsys Creative Software – Partner Promotion

One of our top of the line creative software partners, namely Celsys, informed us about a tremendous sale they offer from today until DEC 3, 8:00 o’clock. Perhaps you read our recap about Clip Studio Paint Pro or our article about Clip Studio Paint EX and were thinking something like: “This might be just what I need.”. In case you could not decide to buy one of the two yet, now is the time. Purchase a lifelong license of either of the two Celsys creative software solutions until DEC 3 and just pay half the price.

Want to learn more about the Celsys creative software?

Clip Studio Paint Pro

Although Clip Studio Paint Pro is mostly known among manga and comic book artists, this software is also pretty suitable for other creative art realms, like concept art and painting, character art and drawing, design and graphics, as well as animation. In case you have not yet read our recap on Clip Studio Paint Pro, check it out now, maybe you will make up your mind:


Clip Studio Paint EX

Clip Studio Paint EX offers some additional features on top of the Clip Studio Paint Pro version. And you might not want to miss out on them, especially, if you are interested in creating comic book artwork. Wonder what the differences are? Check out our article on Clip Studio Paint Ex now:


With the Celsys creative software solutions and our blog posts, you have everything you need, to get started and unleash your creativity. And until DEC 3 the high acquisition price is not an argument to not buy it. Follow the link and buy your favorite Celsys creative software solution and just pay half the price. If you were thinking about getting yourself either Clip Studio Paint Pro or Clip Studio Paint Ex, do not wait to long. DEC 3 will soon have past and you do not want to miss our partner’s deal, do you?

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