Olga Kotyukh’s Warrior (on Intuos Pro)

“A couple of years ago one of my former collegues asked me to create this model for his new studio called Blacksteinn. At the beginning it was supposed to be a viking, but then we decided to choose a stunning concept made by Yuri Chemezov and make a 3D model based on it. Everything from highpoly to textures was created on Wacom Intuos Pro.”

Enjoy the creation of a hybrid warrior from the imagination of Olga Kotyukh for Blacksteinn.


Whoa! Let’s  just appreciatte the textures and details. Incredible!

Excellent shadowing and coloring as well.

You, like Olga, create your own creatures and worlds! Explore the deepest corners of your imagination and bring to life your visions with the Wacom Intuos Pro by clicking here

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