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Creative professionals around the world are using Wacom’s creative pen computers, displays or tablets to create exciting products and art. “Some of them are also doing their magic inside of Wacom, working on our award-winning product design”, says Faik Karaoglu, Executive Vice President of Wacom’s Creative Business Unit.

Creative professionals, as well as passionate enthusiasts and hobbyists, find in Wacom a partner that provides them with innovative and intuitive solutions to support their ambition. “We are proud to be recognized as a company that for more than 35 years continues to provide technological innovation and solutions that are designed to make the world a more creative place.”

Find out more about Wacom’s dedicated approach in a series of interviews below, with Wacom CEO Nobu Ide as well as insights from the engineering and design teams.

Interviewees and their focus

  1. Nobutaka Ide (Group CEO and President); Nobu covers Wacom´s role of driving the digital ink technology and shaping the future of creativity vision.
  2. Yuichi Inada (Head of Engineering); Yuichi talks about the evolution and constant improvement of Wacom’s pen designs, leading up to the new Pro Pen 2
  3. Harmut Woerrlein (Director Industrial Design); Hartmut covers Wacom’s design philosophy.

Wacom Pro Pen 2

“How do we create the most natural feeling in a digital pen?”

Yuichi, Nobu, and Harmut answering this question by talking about:
The ultimate Pro Pen 2/ 3D
Pen and screen interaction
Latency/ accuracy
The pen nib

Brilliant surface

“How does optical bonding help us create a natural drawing feeling?”

The topics covered by Yuichi in this video are:
Optical bonding
Display specifics (like glare)
Etched glass
Levels of pressure sensitivity

Wacom Cintiq (Pro) Engine

“How does it´s modular approach improve your experience?”

In this video Hartmut and Nobu talk about the new Cintiq Pro Engine (PC module) and future technologies like VR/AR.

Perfect ergonomics

“Why do we put form over function?”

Hartmut explains why we put ergonomics and user-friendliness first.

Design philosophy

Nobu, Yuichi and Hartmut answer the question:

“How is our design philosophy driving the products we design?”

Topics covered are:
Technology leadership
Driving innovation and new Technologies
Design is more than looks
Handwriting is the most intuitive input form
Leading design idea for Cintiq

Customer empathy

In this video Yuichi, Hartmut and Nobu answers the question:

“How do we involve real customers in our product design process?”

Topics that are covered:
Core customer needs and workflow – first and foremost
Forseeing future needs and wants
Dialogue with the customer and feedback integration

The “Wacom experience”

“How do technologies come together to deliver the unique Wacom feeling?”

Yuichi and Nobuexplain that the experience is more than product specifications.

The definition of creativity

In this video Nobu, Hartmut ask themselves what creativity is and who is actually creative, by answering the question:

“How do our products stimulate creativity in the world?”

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