Meet the forgotten songs of the 60s & 70s with unique art works of art under the name of Anatolian Rock Revival Project

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Turkey has a peculiar history when it comes to music. Its musical history from before the year 1980 is almost completely erased. After the coup d’état in 1980, many singers had to leave the country, and of those who did or could not, some were arrested; their records banned.


The passing of time also brought massive changes in the music industry. Records, lp’s, and 45s did not survive the technological jump to cassettes and CDs. Lately, however, some enthusiasts are uploading these songs to various online channels to be explored once again.



Now, this forgotten era is making a comeback with the Anatolian Rock Revival Project. It is an initiative to bring the lost tunes of the ’60s & ’70s to light once again. The project aims to promote the musical style, known as Anatolian Pop or Anatolian Rock, to become widely known and listened to both in Turkey and abroad, and to create a new language by blending music and visual arts.



Each week a different artist works on a poster for a song from that era. There are, at the time of this document’s writing, 130 posters present. It is one of the most significant crowdsourced projects ever: there are over 100 artists who have worked on the project so far.



The goal of the project is to make people appreciate these long lost gems of music and discover a different part of Turkish history, which had been hidden until now.

After five years and 130 songs/posters, they want to exhibit the posters of the project in different parts of the world (London, New York, Tokyo, Berlin, etc…) and share these songs/artworks with the people around the world.



So anyone interested to become a part of the project and help exhibit the works can reach ARRP people here:



Go Follow them:

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