“Little Rebel” by Anita Andriskowski

We would like to present the wonderful short film Little Rebel by talented student Anita Andriskowski.


The film was completely designed, illustrated and animated with the new Wacom Cintiq 16 and Photoshop in 4K. The film is extraordinary for a work of a student just second semester.
A beautiful example of what can be achieved through intrinsic motivation, passion and talent with the right tools. The Cintiq 16 played a key role in motivating and inspiring this project through the new digital possibilities.
Anita Andriskowski from has chosen an animated film and designed, drawn, illustrated and animated it completely on the new #Wacom #Cintiq16 with #Adobe #Photoshop.
Anita started her studies in Düsseldorf in October 2018 without any previous knowledge and she is a wonderful example of what intrinsic motivation, focused work with passion and talent can change in a specially designed teaching and learning environment.
The digital revolution is a fantastic age for creative people.

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