Let’s talk art with 3D artist Alexia Rubod hosted by Jack Woodhams

Wacom is proud to present part 1 of our Let´s Talk Art video series hosted by PosterSpy founder Jack Woodhams. Jack visits prolific artists to explore their everyday lives as creatives working in today’s industry.

In this interview, Jack chats with Alexia Rubod, a 3D artist who currently resides in Berlin. She´s most notable for her beautiful Amethyst piece created for the ArtStation challenge ´Ancient Civilisations: Lost and Found´ which placed 3rd. Alexia has also worked on feature films like including hit animation Despicable Me.

Using a Wacom Intuos, Alexia creates her stunning pieces of 3D art across various programs, including Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max, Pixologic ZBrush, and Yeti by Peregrine Labs.

Enjoy our 20-minute documentary and find out more about Alexia’s work, her influences, tips for aspiring 3D artists and more.

You can jump to…

Anna short film at 11:21
The Making of Amethyst (ArtStation Challenge) at 14:45

Follow Alexia’s work:


Filmed with the support of LUMIX cameras.

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