Learning #ComesWith… practice, according to you

Well, you live and learn, don’t you? This saying is true not just for life in general, but especially, when it comes to improving your skills and specializations, like digital art. When we met Mike Jelinek in Malta, during the THU event, we asked him a couple of questions. Also, as he specialized in metasketching and concept design, we wanted to know from him, what he thinks learning #ComesWith. Next to that, we also wanted to learn from you. So we did some social media research and asked you in our Instagram stories, what learning according to your opinion #ComesWith. What do you think, will your opinions align, or deviate?

To you, learning #ComesWith…

… consistency.

… interest.

… love.

… awesome outcome and good feeling.

… practice and patience.

… fun.

… being imaginative.

… one small deed sparking another.

… being selfless.

… the ability to be creative and to spark that creativity with another.

… experiencing failure and using it to your advantage.

… experience.

… stress.

… practice, a lot of practice.

… time.

… watching other artists work.

… problems to solve.

… help and support from others.

… tutorials and practice.

… discipline.

… curiosity.

… continuously find new questions to answer.

… creativity.


Mike Jelinek: what learning #ComesWith

While most of you said on Instagram, that learning #ComesWith practice, Mike thinks it comes with curiosity. To him, learning #ComesWith asking yourself questions, finding the answers to those questions and then continue to find new questions and try to answer those. A lot of those answers will inevitably end up in practice and practice to many digital artists #ComesWith Wacom.



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