EPIC Games and Wacom: enabling creativity and vision

Wacom is here to make the world a more creative place and provide the necessary tools for artists. It brings us so much joy when we are able to hear stories like this one in which EPIC Games tells us how Wacom gives their creative process reliability and efficiency.

EPIC Games is an amazing company that has been at the core of this convergence between creativity and technology. They push the gaming industry forward by employing top artists and using the best tools available to ensure that their games hit the market on time, and are as refined as possible.

Watch how the team at EPIC games describes the role that creativity, vision and inspiration play in producing some of the world’s most utilized technology and experiences.

Hear from EPIC´s leading team members

Basically what the Wacom does is it allows me to start blocking out in 3D with my art director looking over my shoulder. It shows what the end point is going to be about a month and a half before you get to the end point. And for a concept artist that is huge.” – Jay Hawkins, Senior Concept Artist at Epic Games

Jay Hawkins (concept artist) and Chris Perna (art director) team working using Wacom Cintiq

One of the great things we love about Wacom is that artists don´t have to lose that sense of interaction that they have with their art, with their craft. We always want to keep the artist touching and being involved with the content that they create.” – Daniel Kayser, Product Marketing Manager at Epic Games

EPIC focus going on right there. Using the Wacom MobileStudio Pro

Tools are very important to an artist. Tools help creativity flow. They help imagination come to life. It´s like driving a car or a bike – it just becomes a reflex.” – Chris Perna, Studio Art Director at Epic Games

Integrating Wacom products in our production environment is seamless, it´s easy, it´s as plug and play as it can be.” – Dillon Smith, Desktop Admin at EPIC games

Dillon Smith (Desktop Admin) at his desk working with a Wacom Cintiq

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