Inspiration #ComesWith… an inquisitive mind

Recently, we wanted to know from you what you think creativity #ComesWith and what success #ComesWith. Today, we shared a video of Karl Kopinski, when we had the chance to sit down & chat with him at the THU event in Malta. And wanted to learn from you what you think inspiration #ComesWith. Well, posted like this, your comments were pretty much about Karl Kopinski and what an inspiration he is to you – and you’re right – he is. Still, we think inspiration #ComesWith more – so we asked you again in our Instagram stories and got some different answers. Curious, what you said?

To you, inspiration #ComesWith…

… the world around us.

… reference.

… creativity and passion.

… when creativity arrives at the least expected moment.

… lack of skill and then crippling disappointment.

… perseverance and dedication.

… nature.

… boredom.

… lots of work.

… chips.

… action.

… music.

… experience.

… looking through other artists’ works.

… new experiences.

… long walks.

… meeting people and going places.

… imagination.

… music videos, games & animated movies.

… dreaming.


Inspiration #ComesWith an inquisitive mind

And, as many of you think that inspiration comes with Karl Kopinski, let’s hear what he thinks inspiration #ComesWith – let’s say, his understanding does not deviate too much from yours. He put’s it to the point, to him inspiration comes with an inquisitive mind.



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