iamag 2019 & Master Classes

For years, IAMAG.CO has evolved as an international art magazine, celebrating artwork from all over the world on a daily basis. The Master Classes, hosted in Paris, are an extension of this amazing collection of online content, and it has matured to a gathering of influential professional artists across the disciplines of animation, concepting, VFX / FX, and technical direction.

Oculus Medium and Wacom partnered up to elevate the industry standard tools for Concept Artists with three 3-hour workshops:

    • 2 Workshops taught by Finnian MacManus (Concept Designer, past projects include Jungle Cruise, Avatar Sequels , Lion King , Rogue One , God of War) on Environment Design and Architecture
    • 1 Workshop taught by Marc Simonetti (Illustrator and Concept Artist, past projects include Valerian, well known fantasy and SciFi novels) on Building a Full Fantasy Scene

The workshops’ curriculum leans on the everyday workflow of these two professional artist: Modeling an environment in Oculus Medium on an Oculus Rift, then paintover in Photoshop on a Cintiq. The workshops emphasize not just teaching software, but demonstrates how these powerful technologies are being implemented into the professional pipeline.



To demonstrate the everyday workflow, Quill manned a large booth giving continuous in-person demos of their creator ecosystem. Unique to this IAMAG event, event attendees had the opportunity to dive into the VR screening of “Beyond the Fence,” a beautiful story painted and animated in Quill by famed Art Director and Illustrator Goro Fujita!

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