The world is your canvas: limitless boundaries and endless possibilities of digital stationary

Digital Stationary Consortium – Digital Stationary is the fusion of the traditional stationery world –physical paper, pen, and ink – with a universal, digital ecosystem, reinventing the way people create, innovate, and collaborate.

What can we do with digital Stationary?

Using the universal digital ink framework WILL™, companies can develop new digital stationery experiences that enable users to freely communicate and collaborate across hardware, software, and cloud-based ecosystems.

Who uses digital stationary?

There are 7.5 billion people in the world, and half of them are online, thanks to digital connectivity. Digital stationery takes that a step further by enabling people to freely express themselves across boundaries.

How will digital stationary connect across markets?

As a member of the DSC, your digital ink innovations will become part of tomorrow’s universal digital stationery kit. Manufacturers, designers, developers, and innovators in these five categories represent just a few of the markets looking to innovate and cross-collaborate as part of the new digital stationery market. Join now.

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