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Creativity #ComesWith… your answers featuring Peter Ramsey

Creativity is a broad term that fascinates us in all its facets. It can have different meanings to different people and spring from different sources. Even in traditionally “non-creative” jobs, creativity plays a major role in tackling problems. Imagine how actors play a role and prepare for it, or how musicians perform or write their songs. So what about us? What drives our creativity, what does it come with?

When we had the chance to sit down and talk with the academy award winner Peter Ramsey during the THU event, we asked him that question. You can see his answer to “What comes with creativity?” question at the end of the article. As mentioned, creativity is not a one-size fits all concept and we asked the same question to you, our followers, on our Instagram Stories, how you would answer the question of “Creativity #ComesWith…”?

And you did not disappoint! So many answers. Insightful, witty, emotional, motivating, and some might even made us giggle and blush.
Without further ado, here are the top answers:

To you, creativity #ComesWith…

… innovation.

… patience, memories, music and personal feelings.

… dreaming that through art the world would be a place where everyone can be happy!

… a good amount of weirdness and craziness.

… lots and lots of pain. But in a good way. The kind of pain that, in the end, will always be worth it.

… originality in style and inspiration.

… sacrifice.

… passion. Does that count?

… not original, but it’s you.

… an onslaught of artists block and then depression.

… inspiring others with your own work.

… shower (or bath).

… making something that’s not copied – made by your own and it’s originally creative.

… a lot of ideas and thoughts.

… watching others, who have more knowledge than us.

… coffee.

… with usual things, like falling leaves or eating cereal.

… original artwork with lots of ideas put into it.

… procrastination.

… challenges and challenges bring out the best in you.

… your own way of doing things.

… bringing your dreams to life.

… emotions.

… imagination, and your own mindset towards your creations.

… the heart, soul, and the mind.

… you and within yourself and it can be expressed by what you invent.

… unforced thinking and imagination.

… the place to express your brain as you see it to the public eye.

… adventure and ideas that bring even more ideas in the future.

… positive motivation, inspiration, reference images, a Wacom tablet and a lot more…

… changing the WORLD, Influencing people through art and creativity!

… inspiration, a mind with the ability to look beyond and find inspiration in any place or situation.


There is no wrong or right here. Creativity #ComesWith all of these and a lot more. And it is not always, what creativity #ComesWith but might also come from, or what it is to you. Answeres like thise also reached us and we just want to share them with you as well:


Creativity comes from the people and things around me, like my music and my friends.

Well, for me creativity is simply Wacom.


Oh –  how sweet – stop it, you 🤗. What makes this world a creative place is the crowd of individuals, who have different understandings of creativity and what it comes with. Let’s see what this is for Peter Ramsey:

If you liked reading about what others think creativity comes with, there will be more on social media. So stay tuned – we’re looking forward to your reading answers. Also don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter, if you want to be updated on our blog articles and offers. You don’t want to miss those as Christmas is coming closer for many of us these days.

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