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Try ArtStation for 2 months for free – Advent Calendar [13]

ArtStation is not just a good learning resource to propel our digital art skills, that made it to our top 5 go-to learning resources. It is even more relevant for artists to give classes, share their knowledge and showcase their skills. With ArtStation Pro artists have everything they need in one place:

  • Portfolio website
  • Blog
  • Training
  • Store
  • Community

Curious about a 2-months membership trial this season?

Here’s what you must do:

  1. Sign-up or sign in to your ArtStation account.
  2. Then open this ArtStation promo link to enter the code WACOMPRO.
  3. Test all Pro features for 2 free months of membership.


This deal is only valid if you redeem the promo-code until JAN 31., 2020. So make sure to test ArtStation Pro, especially, after reading all these benefits.

These are the benefits you get with an ArtStation Pro account


The portfolio website

Showcase your artwork in a very beautiful manner. It just takes a real quick and easy one-time setup and it keeps updating automatically with every artwork you post. What a time saver.

Unlimited access to an ever-growing pool of courses

As you never stop learning in live, ArtStation Learning accompanies you in your creative journey releasing new courses every week to expand your creative skills. You have full online access to all these courses at anytime and anywhere. Done with boring, right?

Sell your digital stuff online

You have a beautiful piece of art and you wonder, whether people are willing to pay for it? The ArtStation Marketplace is a good place to test it and earn up to 95% on your digital product sales.


Create ArtStation prints and sell them too

Just upload your file, set your markup and turn your artwork into a high-quality printed product people might want to decorate their home with. While ArtStation takes care of everything else, (manufacturing, packaging, delivery) you, as an ArtStation Pro member earn 5% more compared to base price. Want to try?


Let recruiters & customers find you more easily

If recruiters are not asking artists to send them their ArtStation profile, they will use ArtStation to find relevant artists for them. ArtStation Pro members have the advantage to appear at the top of search queries – just like ads when using the google search engine. Increase your visibility now.

Use ArtStation Blogs to join the community

Engage with users, turn them to fans, share your works in progress and striking articles and updates you’d like to share. Why not start the conversation now?

If you already have a blog, no problem. ArtStation makes the switch really easy for you. Just import your existing blog and continue blogging on ArtStation.


How to test ArtStation Pro for 2 months again?
Here’s what you have to do.


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