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Crave a larger screen for your Android smartphone? The Wacom One will improve your everyday

Which device do you use the most, to browse the web, check social media and do your online shopping? Your smartphone, right? Each day more people turn to their smartphones to do these things. And we do it that extensively, that we have a charging cable and power banks with us in case our smartphone runs out of battery during the day. Using a smartphone has become so intuitive, that we even begin to replace our computer with our smartphone. If only the screen was not that limited. Imagine, how much more we could do with our smartphone if we had a bigger screen? Open a world of new possibilities with the Wacom One.

Want to watch videos from your Android smartphone on a bigger screen?

Don’t we just love watching videos, even series and movies on our smartphone? But what if there was a way, that’s a easier to our eyes providing an even better overall experience? There is. Simply watch a YouTube video or a movie on your new Wacom One without having to switch to your TV or PC, when you’re on your mobile, to enjoy it. Pretty convenient, especially, if you live in a household with more people and just one television.

Maybe this example out of such an everyday life sounds familiar: the television is occupied by someone we live with, but we would rather browse YouTube or watch Netflix and our only option is to turn to our smartphone. If we had a laptop, we could turn it on. But if we don’t, we grab out headphones and begin to gaze at that small screen. And because we’re used to that and didn’t know any other alternative, we were fine with that small screen. But now, there is a brilliant alternative: the Wacom One brings a desktop experience to your smartphone.



Watch your favorite YouTuber episodes or Netflix series on the 13.3” (38 cm) full HD screen. Just connect it to your compatible Android device, install the drivers and you’re no longer dependent on television or laptops. But the Wacom One does not just provide a bigger screen to level up your viewing experience. With the pen you could easily navigate your smartphone and browse these platforms as well as different apps, without even touching your smartphone. Simply use the pen on the Wacom One, as you would use your finger on the smartphone. Also, you don’t have to type in your text on your smartphone, you could use the pen to handwrite the message or whatever you’re searching for directly on screen, too. How you use it is totally up to you.


Surf the web and social media wherever you are

Even if we are in control of the remote, we still use our smartphones while watching television. Whether we just wuickly want to “google” something or stay up-to-date with our friends on social media, the smartphone keeps our minds occupied. Depending on what it is we want see on the tiny screen, we hold it rather close to our face, which might not be that beneficial to our eyes. With the Wacom One there’s certainly less harm done.


Simply connect it to your compatible Android smartphone with an adapter and to a power source (socket or power bank), open social media apps and browse the content of interest. The the 13.3” (38 cm) full HD screen will give you a completely new experience consuming social media. No strenuous squinting to read small text anymore. And think about how easy editing and uploading your own social media posts will become. Just relax your eyes with the Wacom One and improve your everyday.


Level up your game

Depending on the type of games you play, the Wacom One can make a difference. We’re not talking about the games you’d play on game consoles or computers (although the Wacom One can level up your play when used as a second screen while playing at your laptop, PC or MAC). But, if you’re playing games on your smartphone, next to watching television, for instance, you can now raise your game. On the bigger Wacom One screen you can capture details earlier and thus react faster than regular players. Quite an advantage, don’t you think?



Especially, if the games you play on your Android smartphone are based on precision, having a Wacom One connected gives you a key benefit. Just use the precise Wacom One Pen like your finger and experience the joy of playing your games on a the 13.3” (38 cm) full HD screen. Have fun discovering all the creative details in your games and improve your everyday at play with the Wacom One creative pen display.

Are you ready to improve your everyday?

Treat yourself to a Wacom One creative pen display.

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