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Celebrating more than 35 years of friendships & relationships – the Wacom One

As you all know, we recently launched the Wacom One at CES in Las Vegas – the perfect tool for artists to start out creating on screen. As our very own Melissa Ashcraft put it in her article on the America’s blog – there is a lot to celebrate. The Wacom One showcases the decades of innovation and partnerships with artists and companies, that led to Wacom tablets being the premier tool for digital creativity. Because we rarely take the time to celebrate together with our friends and partners (both external and internal), we did something different this year.

What’s to celebrate?

We have been building relationships with most everyone in the electronics space globally. Whether that’s computer manufacturers, software manufacturers, retailers, universities, movie studios or game developers (to name a few). Some of these relationships have become most valued partnerships.


Android support

As a result, the Wacom One comes with Android support, to mention one big advancement. Just grab your Android Smartphone, a power bank and your Wacom One and you could start creating in your favorite spot, whether that’s a café, a library, your friend’s place, or even outside. If you want to know more, check our blog article on the Wacom One as a kickoff to your creativity.


Stationery brand partnerships

What else? Among our beloved partnerships, we hold our relationships to renamed stationery brands like LAMY and Staedtler very close for instance. You will find our pen technology in their digital pens enabling you to use them on the Wacom One. So, using the LAMY AL-Star black EMR you can keep your favorite writing experience while working with the Wacom One. And if you’re transitioning from traditional creation with pencil on paper to digital art, you might choose the Staedtler Noris stylus on your new Wacom One. Also the S-Pen, that comes with the Samsung Note models is supported by the Wacom One screen for the same reason.


Strong relationships to software companies

Among our closest business relationships you will also find top of the line creative software providers. Not to brag, but Adobe belongs to them. As a result, the Wacom One comes with a 2-months-membership license of Adobe Premiere Rush for free (andAdobe Fresco is yet to come). This way, you can test your creativity when it comes to video editing for now. Experience true freedom of creation. Another prestigious partnership to name is Celsys. Here, the Wacom One comes with a 3-months membership of Clip Studio Paint Pro out of the box. If you like the software and you register for a full plan with Celsys, you will get another 3 free months of membership. To get you started with Clip Studio Paint Pro, check out this article.


How we celebrated our relationships

As said initially, we did something different this time. We gathered our friends and partners around to meet each other at a Las Vegas Knights hockey game. Some of our friends have never been to a hockey game before. It’s hard not to get thrilled and excited about by the atmosphere. All of the music, lights and hockey action perfectly reflected the excitement and gratitude we felt for all of our friends who support Wacom and the new Wacom One. Just get yourself your own Wacom One and experience this one-of-a-kind tablet that peaks more than 35 years of friendship around the world.


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