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Advent Calendar [14] – Flash Deal: save 15% on a Wacom Intuos today

The Wacom Intuos is the perfect tool for digital creative beginners to get started. So, if you want to be creative and you do not ...

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Try ArtStation for 2 months for free – Advent Calendar [13]

ArtStation is not just a good learning resource to propel our digital art skills, that made it to our top 5 go-to learning resources. It ...

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InkRation: an amazing Studio in Ukraine

InkRation: Illustration and Design Studio with headquarter in Lviv, Ukraine. Specializing in the development of visual content for mobile games, advertising illustration, Web design, book illustration, ...

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Advent Calendar [12] – Flash Deal: refurbished products – get more for less

As you loved our special deal on refurbished Wacom Cintiq Pro family, we stacked up our refurbished stock a bit to give you one last ...

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Tutorial: How to merge multiple images, by Jakub Cezary Kaliszewski – Advent Calendar [11]

Now, imagine you're on your winter holidays and you take some beautiful pictures of an inspirational spot. Because you cannot manage to hit all the ...

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Advent Calendar [10] – Flash Deal: Wacom Intuos Pro #ComesWith free case and nibs

If you are a more sophisticated hobbyist, or you want to bring your post-production to a new level, you surely draw and practice a lot. ...

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Want to level up image editing? – Advent Calendar [9]

You do not have to be a professional photographer to edit images. Just take the ones you shot with your smartphone or your camera and ...

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Advent Calendar [8] – Flash Deal: Get a free Flex-Arm*

Yesterday, we learned how beneficial alternating position can be and how useful a Wacom Flex-Arm is to achieve this. This is why we have a ...

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What are the benefits of alternating position while working? – Advent Calendar [7]

Do you suffer from back pain? Do you feel an increasing fatigue during the day? And what about the lack of concentration in the afternoon? ...

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Advent Calendar [6] – Flash Deal: Save 15% on a cart-value of 400 bucks or higher

May we introduce today’s flash deal: save 15% on your purchase if the value of your cart exceeds 400 bucks. What? Yes, you’re totally right, ...

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Tutorial: How to draw monsters on photos, by Laura Kroschewski – Advent Calendar [5]

Maybe you have come across some of Laura Kroschewski's inspiring and spirit lifting artworks on Instagram already. But then you will probably know her as ...

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Advent Calendar [4] – Flash Deal on refurbished Wacom Cintiq Pro family

Do you recall our Halloween weekend, when refurbished deals were all over our e-store? Today is your chance to get sweet deals on our Wacom ...

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