Surface overlay for Intuos4 L (PTK-840)

Surface overlay for Intuos4 L (PTK-840)


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New bundle: Intuos4 surface overlay & 5 pen nibs 


Our customers tell us that surface feel is personal. 

If you purchased an Intuos4 tablet BEFORE October 2010 and prefer longer-lasting nibs then try this new smoother surface.

If you appreciate the near paper-like, tactile feel of the original Intuos4 surface overlay, you have the option of keeping your existing surface. The new smoother Intuos4 surface overlay in comparison offers reduced nib wear and allows for a lower frequency of nib replacement.

As with traditional media such as pencils, charcoal, and pastels any tool or pen used on a textured surface, including the Intuos4 nibs, will wear after continuous use. This wear occurs faster or slower.

For a limited time, the new overlay comes in a bundle with a set of 5 standard pen nibs.

To provide the best experience and protect the surface, the nibs are designed to wear slowly just like a pencil or brush. You may want to experiment to find the best ones for your work style.


Attention: If you purchased an Intuos4 AFTER October 2010, your product is already equipped with the new smoother overlay.

Package contents

  • 1x Overlay for Intuos4 L
  • 5x Standard pen nibs for Intuos4

Surface overlay for Intuos4 L (PTK-840)

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