Standard pen nibs

Standard pen nibs

from: Wacom

Order number: ACK-20001


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5 standard pen nibs black for

  • Intuos4
  • Intuos5
  • Intuos Pro
  • Intuos
  • Bamboo
  • Cintiq 13HD
  • Cintiq 21UX(DTK)
  • Cintiq 22HD
  • Cintiq 24HD
  • Cintiq Companion

Standard pen nibs

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From: Agnes
11.07.2014 20:49

Wears out like crazy

I'd had my old white Wacom Bamboo for two years and never had to change the nib. I understand that for better feel the nibs might be produced from the material that wears off, but this is ridiculous. I have to change the nib every week. That's way too often. It's just annoying and way, way too expensive.

From: Stephen
13.05.2014 10:24

Should not have to buy these

They shouldn't wear down.

From: Maryo
10.04.2014 21:38

wear out really fast

I have to change the nibs every 3-5 days. Wear out really fast. I simply returned to the Cintiq - my pen there uses the old white nibs and I sold out my Intuous 4.

From: Pavel
23.02.2014 09:47

too fast

Glue film for conventional non-graphic tablets to a graphics tablet . Tips absolutely will not wear.

From: paul
05.03.2012 13:01

intuos4 - fail

one nib for a couple of days..

wears out too fast.
too expensive.

return the intuos3 ergonomics for christsakes!

From: paul
05.03.2012 08:55

intuos4 - fail

one nib for a couple of days..

wears out too fast.
too expensive.

return the intuos3 ergonomics for christsakes!

From: Evangelos Katsaounos
29.03.2011 11:04

standard pen nibs for Intuos4

I have ordered the sd pen nibs and they were lost somewere in between.
As soon as i mention that to the wacom team, a replacement package was send,without any hesitation.
That is a good service.
The price is also the lowest in the net.

From: Tom
13.12.2010 22:23

wear out dramatically fast :-(

I had to throw away the first nib after just three days of work (with my previous tablet I replaced the nibs every several months!). There is something very wrong with the friction between these nibs and the surface of Intuos4. I am considering getting the standard nibs for Intuos3 (they also fit v.4). I am not sure if the design flaw is in the nibs or in the tablet surface so I may also have to stick foil to my tablet to reduce the wearing of the nibs and to cut down the costs. Sticking foil is the last thing I would want to do otherwise. I am very unhappy with this product!

From: Mick Fields
30.10.2010 13:18

Good Value

Good value for 5 nibs although I couldnt find another website selling same. The replacement tool that came with my nibs is very handy.

From: Annabelle
29.11.2014 08:28

Wore out in 5 days :[

I'm not sure if these are the same nibs used in cintiq companion hybrid but I found it listed under there....
The nibs wear out way too fast that it's ridiculous!! They are way too expensive on this side of the world to purchase a new packet every month or so!
I do hope that Wacom plans on improving them! I don't want my brand new cintiq to end up with a bunch of scuffs!!
I wouldn't need a screen protector if these nibs worked as good as the ones on my old cintiq 12wx that stayed in top condition for 2 years with only one nib change!

From: Vanessa
25.07.2014 16:05

Very Satisfied!

I bought these nibs for my Intuos Manga and they work perfectly. They last for a good amount of time and when their shape starts to wear out I just adjust it with a nail file in order to avoid any damage to the tablet surface. Also the shipment was very fast, they arrived within 3 days and I can say I'm very satisfied with they way the it was dealt. One of my best experiences in e-shopping!

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