Pen Accessory Kit

Pen Accessory Kit

from: Wacom

Order number: FUZ-A119


only few available

€29.90 *
Tune your Grip Pen with the Pen Customisation Kit: The kit contains a rubber grip without the holes for the side switch (in case the side switch bothers you), a spare side switch and replacement nibs for standard, Stroke pen and Felt pen nibs.

For your convenience, a specially designed tweezers for removing the nibs is also included.


Package contents
  • 1 rubber sleeve for Grip Pen (without the holes for side switch)
  • 5 Stroke pen nibs
  • 5 standard pen nibs
  • 5 Felt pen nibs
  • Nib replacement tool
  • Spare side switch

Pen Accessory Kit

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From: Mehrwert-Agentur
19.05.2011 14:31

Gute Produkte - Perfekte Lieferung

Über die Notwendigkeit der Stifte muss man nicht diskutieren. Auch ist es leider so, dass man die Stifte hier am besten bekommt. Aber der Shop ist auch sehr gut. Lieferung per UPS, Sendungsverfolgung, diverse Bezahlmöglichkeiten. Ich bin sehr begeistert. Die Ware ist auch absolut in Ordnung. Der Preis für dieses Zubehör wohl auch. Ich nutze, wie wohl viele, gerne die Stift-Spitzen mit der kleinen Feder. Allerdings ist mein Verbrauch relativ gering, so dass ich dieses Set wohl noch einige Zeit nutzen kann. Von mir 5 Sterne für einen tollen Shop mit erstklassigen Lieferungen.

From: Angelika Kramer
22.11.2010 04:14

sehr gut - bitte mehr erklären und Preis

die 'harten' Spitzen sind bei INTOUS-Nutzung unverwüstlich.
Beim CINTIQ nutzen sich die Spitzen offensichtlich sehr schnell ab.
Die Spitzen bzw. Spitzenwechsel ist enorm wichtig. Bei permanentem, intensiven Gebrauch sollte meines Erachtens die Spitze alle 4-6 Wochen ersetzt werden. Filzspitze ähnelt im Gebrauch eher dem Bleistift und kommt der intuitiven Zeichnung näher. Diese Filz-Spitze könnte eher, also alle 4 Wochen gewechselt werden.
Es wäre schön, wenn der Verwendung dieses sehr wichtige (kleinen) Gebrauchsartikels bei der Anschaffung dieses tollen WACOM-Geräts mehr
Aufmerksamkeit geschenkt werden würde.
Das Gerät könnte ansonsten Schaden nehmen. (zerkratzt werden)
Aufgrund des Verschleißes, wäre es sehr freundlich von WACOM für die
'Ersatz-Bleistiftspitzen' eine gute Kosten-/Nutzen-Alternative anzubieten.
Mit dem Wacom Cintiq bin ich insgesamt sehr zufrieden!
Das Cintiq kann Intuition und sicheren Strich auf jeden Fall unterstützen -
nie ersetzen.

29.09.2010 21:05

There is no alternative in the market for this product so my (our) opinions do not really matter

Wacom produces high quality products and the only spare parts one might need (hopefully) are these replacement nibs.

Those nibs are some flimsy little pieces of plastic with no cutting-edge technology features APART from the mainly useful nib in this pack which is the one with the little metallic spring.

It takes no degree in industrial design to understand that a bunch of little sturdy plastic “toothpicks” a rubber bit that masks the button on the wacom pen (who would want this anyway?) and a useless metallic ring (everybody I know changes the nibs using their fingers or teeth – the last way being the one suggested in Corel PAINTER tutorials) can cost as much as 30 Euros (excluding post taxes and handling of course!). But the question is “can you get nibs for your wacom pen anywhere else? Apparently you can’t so it does not really matter whether I or anybody else thinks they are expensive. Once your nibs become slanted from rubbing against the tablet and you can’t control your line when twisting your hand, you need a new nib. So you end up buying five professional nibs (the ones with the spring) and a bunch of plastic toothpicks that fit inside your wacom pen and “kinda work”. The only thing I do with those “other” nibs is putting them in the pen when my six year old son (who just learns to control his hand pressure) uses the tablet so that he won’t wear the spring-type ones.

So this product is not a “one” (that would mean it damages the pen or something like that), not a “two” (I would rate it with a “two” if they were not any spring-type nibs), but can’t score beyond “three” stars as it does replace the only spring-type nib that was included in the original package and it provides four more, the other ten and the other parts included are not useful at all.

From: Bob B
24.09.2010 16:37

Great product and delivery

Like most professional designers who use their Cintiq everyday, the nibs wear down and have to replaced regularly. I love the Stroke nib and will definitely use them exclusively in the future. It would be great if Wacom developed a nib just for mouse use/ blocking large areas so that it doesn't affect the nib for precision work

From: Robert Hughes
13.11.2009 11:55


I have been using my new Intuos 4 (Large) tablet for two months now and already the nib that came with the pen is very badly worn down (I am a digital artist). My previous tablet, the original Intuos (grey version) I had for ten years and it still works perfectly (I am passing it on to my Grandson) I only changed the nibs once in that time,. They were made from a hard wearing material like nylon or something similar and performed flawlessly.

Wacom is a world class product (in my opinion) so why are they now using inferior products. Is it a ploy to get more money out of it's "Loyal" customers? or is it an unfortunate mistake in it's "Quality Assurance" department.

I would still highly recommend Wacom graphics tablets (and do regularly) to anyone, but the nibs in the Intuos 4 (the most important items in this product) certainly need to be looked at and a better material used. Sorry Wacom…it's a BIG let down I'm afraid


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