Intuos Professional Accessory Kit

Intuos Professional Accessory Kit

from: Wacom

Order number: ACK-40001


only few available

€24.90 *

The Intuos4 Professional Accessory Kit contains a number of tools that help you customize the feel of your pen.

The kit includes:

  • 1 Standard Black Nib,
  • 5 Stroke Nibs,
  • 5 Hard Felt Nibs,
  • 5 Flex Nibs,
  • 1 Wide Body Grip (no hole for the button),
  • 1 Standard Grip (no hole for the button),
  • 1 Side Switch Replacement,
  • and 1 Nib Removal Tool

Intuos Professional Accessory Kit

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From: Alexander J Jackson
04.08.2011 12:42

Very Poor Business Practice

Pack made so that if you want the grip with holes and the buttons you have to shell out for another pack as well (as told by customer services.) Absolutely Disgraceful business practice - why does the US website not do this but the European one does?

From: Lynne Lamb
15.10.2010 17:09


a speedy service, excellent product , will shop here again

From: Lynne Lamb
15.10.2010 17:04


a speedy service, excellent product , will shop here again

From: nik maierle
14.09.2010 20:09


great package and cheaper than each item on it's own. a must have=)

From: mac gorski
29.08.2010 15:20

good stuff

I love my wacom, i wish i could get just the nibs though, i dont need so many spare bodies but i guess thats a minor. 20E for 15 nibs would be great. but at leat 25E is affordable.

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