Intuos4 Mouse

Intuos4 Mouse

from: Wacom

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The cordless, batteryless and ballfree Intuos4 mouse is a perfect replacement for the standard mouse on your computer. Thanks to its higher resolution of 5,080 lines per inch it will beat most regular computer mice easily when it comes to precision and accurate handling.

The five programmable buttons are ambidextrously arranged, so left- and right-handed people can use the mouse equally. The rotating finger wheel emulates the Microsoft™ IntelliMouse standard that enables you to scroll with the Intuos4 mouse right out of the box.

The Intuos4 5-button mouse is the perfect completion of the Intuos4 input device system.


Features & Benefits

  • Five mouse buttons
  • Finger wheel
  • Tool ID
  • Cord-/battery-less

System requirements

Not compatible with Intuos, Intuos2 or Intuos3!

Package contents

Package contents

  • Intuos4 Mouse

Technical data

Technical specifications

  • Weight: 83 g
  • Technology: Cordless, battery-free, no ball
  • Tilt sensitivity: ± 60°
  • Dimensions (L x D) / (W x D x H): 102.9 x 61.8 x 38.6 mm
  • Tool ID: yes
  • Scroll wheel: yes

Intuos4 Mouse

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From: Ren Buchholdt
26.11.2010 15:06


Not the best mouse.. And cheap mousewheel. Ekstra button layout, could be better.

From: Jan
15.08.2010 10:30

Fast service from Wacom

Beautifull Mouse and fast service from Wacom. The only regrats I have is that I prever the 2 extra buttons on the side of the mouse, rather than onthe top, like the Intuos3 mouse. That was more convienient. Other than that I hate to go back to a regular mouse!

From: Philipp
15.01.2016 17:43

Hlt mir nicht lange genug (short lifetime)

Ihr macht ja wirklich die besten Grafiktablets! Die Muse sind eigentlich auch gut, nur leider halten diese immer nur rund 2 Jahre, dann sind sie hin. Egal ob beim Intuos 2, 3 oder 4. Nach einem Telefonat warte ich immer noch auf eine Rckmeldung von eurer PQ-Abteilung. Neben dem ungerechtfertigten Preis fr diese Qualitt, ist es einfach nur rgerlich immer neue Sachen kaufen zu mssen, um sie dann wegzuschmeien. Meine 20 Mark Maus von anno pief funktioniert nach wie vor tadellos, obwohl da mindestens 10 Jahre drauf rumgeritten wurde. Also, wenn ihr Muse produzieren lasst, die einigermaen den Alltag eines Designers aushalten lasst es mich wissen.

From: Bert Hermans
10.06.2011 00:44

Ridiculous treatment in Europe

I think Wacom should be very ashamed of the way they treat European customers. This mouse is included with all Intuos 4 tablets over in the US, but we have to pay 60 extra for the mouse, not to mention that the tablets themselves are already 35% more expensive in Europe. And to top it off, we get NO software with the package, so that's tripple rip-off. The mouse would be fine if it were free, but in terms of good value... no way that it's worth 60! You can have a high-end Logitech mouse for that money. Please Wacom, consider your European strategies, because this is not the way.

From: jose
06.01.2010 20:35


Pregunta: Es posible trabajan con el ratn Intus4 sobre la bamboo 460?
Tengo la tableta con el lpiz y me interesa el ratn.
Agradezco el envio de informacin por email.

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