Wacom InfoChannel / RSS Feed http://eu.shop.wacom.eu/wacom-infochannel?p=2 Wacom eStore - official Onlinestore - Wacom InfoChannel 2018-01-16T22:42:50Z Letīs Talk Art | Becoming a Freelancer and How it Changed my Life - Tracie Ch... http://eu.shop.wacom.eu/wacom-infochannel/lets-talk-art-becoming-a-freelancer-and-how-it-changed-my-life-tracie-ching/1106?c=2213303 Becoming a Freelancer and How it Changed My Life Welcome to the sixth interview in the Let’s Talk Art series. We will be talking about freelancing, how to give your work more visibility and illustration software. In this interview we talk to Tracie Ching an artist living in W... Mon, 14 Aug 2017 13:23:34 +100 Wacom Heroes & Villains 3D Contest | Announcing the Winners http://eu.shop.wacom.eu/wacom-infochannel/wacom-heroes-und-villains-3d-contest-announcing-the-winners/1105?c=2213303 Announcing the Winners of the Wacom Heroes & Villains 3D Contest We believe that having the best tools can go a long way toward bringing out your creativity. Therefore we collaborated with Shapeways and asked the creative community to design a 3D model of a tabletop gaming He... Thu, 27 Jul 2017 10:59:23 +100 Exclusive Wacom Masterclass Competition http://eu.shop.wacom.eu/wacom-infochannel/exclusive-wacom-masterclass-competition/1104?c=2213303 Exclusive Wacom Masterclass Competition With Drink and Draw Berlin coming up on 31 August, Wacom is welcome to set up camp. And we are offering an exclusive masterclass with famous illustrators, animators and designers. These artists will act as tutors and guide teams to comp... Wed, 19 Jul 2017 17:11:09 +100 Letīs Talk Art with Paul Shipper | How Self Belief and Dedication Propel Your... http://eu.shop.wacom.eu/wacom-infochannel/lets-talk-art-with-paul-shipper-how-self-belief-and-dedication-propel-your-career/1103?c=2213303 How self belief and dedication propel your career Welcome to the sixth episode of Let’s Talk Art. This time we chat with legendary artist Paul Shipper , who is known far and wide by illustrators and fans for his work with some of the biggest brands in film and T.V. Including ... Mon, 17 Jul 2017 12:25:19 +100 Interview | Building a Freelance Career in Fashion Photography and Graphic De... http://eu.shop.wacom.eu/detail/index/sArticle/1102/sCategory/2213303 Building a Freelance Career in Fashion Photography and Graphic Design Multiple award winning fashion photographer Ilona Veresk from Russia found her passion outside of school. Getting involved in photography and graphic design she became a freelancer. Ilona also has an intere... Fri, 14 Jul 2017 14:28:46 +100 Autodesk Sketchbook Tutorial | Learn the Basics of Color Theory Techniques fr... http://eu.shop.wacom.eu/wacom-infochannel/autodesk-sketchbook-tutorial-learn-the-basics-of-color-theory-techniques-from-mike-azevedo/1101?c=2213303 Learn the Basics of Color Theory Techniques from Mike Azevedo We teamed up with Autodesk Sketchbook and concept artist Mike Azevedo  to get a professionalīs take on Color Theroy . Mike works primarily in the Games industry. He has worked on projects such as League of Legends ... Tue, 20 Jun 2017 17:06:43 +100 Letīs Talk Art with Erin Gallagher | How to Tell a Story Through Narrative Art http://eu.shop.wacom.eu/detail/index/sArticle/1100/sCategory/2213303 How to Tell a Story Through Narrative Art Welcome to the fifth part of the Let's Talk Art series.  This time we chat with Erin Gallagher, an illustrator and designer living in Los Angeles. Describing herself as a multi-faceted designer, Erin has produced work for some fantast... Mon, 19 Jun 2017 12:11:19 +100 Attack New Ideas | How To Breath Life Into Your Passion http://eu.shop.wacom.eu/wacom-infochannel/attack-new-ideas-how-to-breath-life-into-your-passion/1099?c=2213303 Attack New Ideas: How To Breath Life Into Your Passion Disneyīs own veteran animator Aaron Blaise is used to bringing things to life. For 20+ years he’s designed characters for movies like Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, and more. Now he’s spearheading his largest project to dat... Wed, 14 Jun 2017 11:02:30 +100 Origins of Love for Fairy Tales & Cosplay http://eu.shop.wacom.eu/wacom-infochannel/origins-of-love-for-fairy-tales-und-cosplay/1098?c=2213303 Origins of Love for Fairy Tales & Cosplay Are you big into cosplay as well and love fantasy and fairytales? Then you might find Skadivore ’s tale on how she designs her own costumes and accessories inspiring. “ I’m in love with mermaids, witches, vikings, the wild hunt, old m... Tue, 13 Jun 2017 17:46:20 +100 Self Made Artist | 17 Year Old Creator is Taking Instagram by Storm With His ... http://eu.shop.wacom.eu/wacom-infochannel/self-made-artist-17-year-old-creator-is-taking-instagram-by-storm-with-his-cartoons/1097?c=2213303 17 Year Old Creator is Taking Instagram by Storm With His Cartoons 17 Year old Harry Hambley created Ketnipz after he got bored with his former artistic style. Now, his cartoons have gained a following of over 22,000 fans (and growing!) on Instagram and Harry has even started... Thu, 08 Jun 2017 11:32:03 +100 10 Tips To Improve Your Concept Art Skills http://eu.shop.wacom.eu/wacom-infochannel/10-tips-to-improve-your-concept-art-skills/1096?c=2213303 10 Tips To Improve Your Concept Art Skills Concept artist Trent Kaniuga draws monsters for AAA video games from the likes of Blizzard and Riot Games. Coming up with character designs is not easy. Trent takes us through his process from idea to sketch to the finishing touches ... Mon, 29 May 2017 13:38:25 +100 4K on the Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 http://eu.shop.wacom.eu/wacom-infochannel/4k-on-the-wacom-cintiq-pro-16/1095?c=2213303 4K on the Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 Here are the steps to connect the Wacom cintiq Pro 16 to the Apple MacBook Pro (2016) via USB-C. This connection allows your Cintiq Pro to display full 4K (3840x2160) resolution. Scroll down for the step by step guide. The artist My name is Rober... Fri, 19 May 2017 15:44:51 +100