June 14, 2016

Personalised Father’s Day Card Tutorial

No matter how funny or clever a celebration card is, it will never come close to saying, ‘I love you’, or ‘thank you’, better than a unique and personal card. The thought and time laboured is appreciated so much, cherished and remembered.

Using the Bamboo Spark, and smartphone, the talented Miss Led shows us how easy it is to create a unique and personal card that can be received as a text, which will really catch him by surprise and make him smile this Father’s Day.

Here’s Miss Led´s step-by-step guide. We hope you have fun!

STEP ONE - Inspiration and memory sharing

Pick out a few photos, these are pictures that hold great moments between you and your Dad. Maybe it’s you two going on a trip, watching a sports match, or perhaps building something.

STEP TWO - Ideas time and initial testing of the Bamboo Spark

In order to invent your SuperDad character, ask yourself how you would picture your dad as a superhero with these memories.

If sports come to mind, would he be pictured with a sport racket as SportsDad? Or why not draw him with tools if he’s great at building.

Now is a good time to test out the Bamboo Spark by converting your initial notes into digital mode. To do this: 

- Pair your preferred device (e.g. iPad) with the Bamboo Spark app and Wacom Cloud
- Get brainstorming and make a note of all ideas
- Press the Bamboo Spark button 
- Open the Bamboo Spark app on your chosen device 
- Find the note magically appear digitally on the screen where you can now keep for future reference.

STEP THREE - Drawing ideas

Use the Bamboo Spark’s paper and pen to draw your dad as the superhero that you have imagined. If there’s a few ideas then great, the more the better. Choose the best picture for the final idea later.

STEP FOUR - Fun elements and trace

Once a design has been finalised, get a clear page and ensure that you draw your SuperDad image firmly in the centre. You can add fun elements such as stars or banners here. Miss Led chose to use a cool superhero element as part of the lettering.

STEP FIVE - Bamboo magic with your child

Now you’ve seen how easy it is to convert your ideas into digital files on your preferred device. Enjoy watching the final card design appear on screen.

STEP SIX - Adding colour and editing

How about adding some colour to really make the image pop?!

You can export the image on your device as a WILL (Wacom Ink Layer Language) file to Wacom’s Bamboo Paper app for further editing, light sketching or adding colour.  To do this: 

- Download Bamboo Paper from the app store 
- Open the Bamboo Spark app and find the curved cursor on the bottom left of the screen to get the option menu
- see below
- Export as WILL file 
- Open the card design in Bamboo Paper and start experimenting with different colours and brush strokes.

STEP SEVEN  - Using Bamboo Paper

Using the fun Bamboo Paper app see how easy it is to colour - Miss Led is using the Wacom Bamboo Fineline 2 here.

STEP EIGHT  -  Heading to pops!

So you have so many options for sending the final beautiful work. It can be exported to Facebook and then sent to the Dad’s profile page, or perhaps sent to his phone as a text? Miss Led advises also getting a print version of it, to keep as a reminder of the special day.

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