May 31, 2016

Four Tips for Artists Who Want to Succeed

We all want to be successful artists, in some way or another. And with so much competition, it can be difficult to break through. We, at Wacom, want to help you succeed as an artist. And we know that in order to do so, the experience from professionals is essential.

In the 20 years Aaron Blaise was a Disney animator, he worked on an incredible range of films, including Brother Bear, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Mulan, Pocahontas, and more.  Now his website, The Art of Aaron Blaise, and his YouTube channel, Aaron’s Art Tips, help him teach animation and fine art to thousands of followers from all over the world.  He has useful advice on how to succeed as an artist.

Be Persistent

Blaise said, “I feel like we have come to a time now — I’m calling it the American Idol generation—where everybody wants instant success, and if they don’t get it, they give up. I think we have to get past that.” Rather than waiting for your single star moment, Blaise suggests the more old-fashioned value of persistence.

“Pick your path and go down it. A lot of people think they know where they’re going to end up,” he explained, “but I guarantee you won’t end up in the place you think. As long as you have this passion and love for art and this drive, it’s going to take you to places you don’t expect.”

Be Collaborative

Blaise pointed out that being an animator is by nature a collaborative job. “If you want to be an animator and work at a studio, you have to work with a hundred other people. So don’t be a jerk!” he laughed. Being open to new ideas helps smooth every work process.

Be Consistent

“Draw every day. Paint every day,” Blaise said. “I draw because I love drawing. Do it because you love it.” He keeps multiple workspaces for home and office so he can work no matter where he is. And he still has the original desk where he drew Disney animation for many years.

Be Realistic

When asked what advice he’d offer artists just starting out, Blaise joked, “Don’t do it for the money, that’s the thing I tell them.  The money will come. But if you’re going into this thinking you’re going to make tons of money, then figure something else out.” Measured expectations are more realistic than overnight stardom.

Mentored by legendary Disney animator Glen Keane, Blaise is grateful to be able to pay Keane’s advice and friendship forward.  The most important advice he would offer young artists?  “If you’re not passionate about it, especially in this industry, then don’t do it, because it will destroy you.  But if you really have a love for it, it will be the most fulfilling, incredible career you could ever imagine.”

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