August 22, 2016

Creating and Sketching Video Game Characters in Photoshop

One of the most enjoyable aspects of any project is sculpting out your initial character designs in Photoshop. With the intuitive and easy to use grip pen, you have instant access to a number of brushes and tools with just one click. This helps you quickly translate your visions from concept to reality, giving you more time to fine-tune the ultimate gaming bad boy. 

In the video below, the folks at Digital Tutors show you how to quickly sketch out a number of different creepy goblin minions in Photoshop. Using one-touch ExpressKeys, combined with the customized toggle buttons on the stylus pen, watch how they take the best features from eight rough sketches, transforming them into one amazing character.

Benefits of using Photoshop

Fast Navigation – Quickly open up a new file to create the base of your character, where you can apply elevated resolution and pixel size to zoom in and add the fine details.

Multiple Layer Masks – Create numerous layers to add detail and definition to your design, using one-touch ExpressKeys to stay focused on your work, instead of the keyboard.

Preset Brush Options – Set up your stylus pen toggle buttons for instant access to the many brush options that Photoshop provides, letting you move quickly from brush to brush.



Once you’ve created your initial designs, you can refine your goblin minion, changing the eyes, body style and weapons to create the finished product. As you create the initial designs, it’s important to create the back-story for these characters, giving them life and personality. Learn how to fine-tune your process in the beginning stages of character design.

Our tutorials are designed to help you take full advantage of your creativity, show us your work - add it to the Wacom Gallery.

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