April 6, 2018

Stick With It - A Wacom monthly drawing challenge

Wacom wants to encourage you to be creative every day. Because when you stick to it, you will gain experience. So, we´re presenting weekly prompts centered around monthly themes. You can find the planned monthly themes.

Monthly themes

April — Make your work stick
May —  Wordplay
June — Soccer World Cup
July —  Emoji

Prompts of the month June: 

4 June — Make a sticker of your favorite character playing soccer
11 June — Design your own soccer team emblem as a sticker
18 June — Create a sticker of your own soccer team´s uniform
25 June — Make a sticker of a mascot for your country or favorite soccer team

The laws of the challenge

1) The 2D/3D artwork must be created by you and it has to follow the prompt of the week.
2) Hashtag your work with #WacomStickWithIt then post it to Instagram and any other social spot you like, so that we can find your work.
3) Lastly, have fun with it!

A single winner is picked at the end of each month by a panel of Wacom marketeers and Wacom influencers. Entries will be judged on both creative and technical details.

Winners will not only receive a new Wacom Intuos pen tablet and get their work displayed on Wacom´s social channels, BUT ALSO receive a StickerMule order of 50 3" X 3" die cut stickers.


For the full terms & conditions, click here.


Prompts of the month May:
1 May — Make a doodle of your mom in celebration for mother´s day
7 May — Turn your favorite pun into a doodle
14 May — Doodle your favorite inspirational quote
21 May — Doodle your favorite idiom

Winner May:

For May we picked Howard Simpson´s artwork for the idiom ´I’ve got your back´ (see image below). Not only was this  a very artistic and interesting piece of art, Howard also manage to sneak in two more idioms: ´Eyes in the back of your head´ and ´Back to back´. Congratulations Howard! 

´I´ve got your back´ idiom excecution by abbastudios

Prompts of the past month April:
2 Apr — Turn your favorite meme into a digital sticker
9 Apr — Grab your favorite sticker and redesign it
16 Apr — Create a sticker for a sticky situation
23 Apr — Show us your take on the phrase Live.Dare.Create

Winner April:

We're very excited to announce that the winner of April´s StickWithIt Wacom challenge is Mariana Paz. She made some fantastic stickers, and we particularly loved her take on the Side eyeing ´Chloe meme´ (see image below).

Mariana Paz´s take on the ´Chloe meme´

"The more you draw, the better you get".

So, are you up for the challenge?

Good luck!

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