May 19, 2016


Sew Your Own ‘Adorkable’ Cintiq 13HD Tablet Sleeve - A DIY Tutorial

Samarra Khaja, illustrator, graphic and textile designer, and author, makes happy, beautiful things. Recently, she’s taken on the challenge of creating a cuddly, whimsical case that’s perfect for her hard-working Cintiq 13HD.
Inspired to create something suitably techie, Samarra recreated a retro test pattern from late-night TV surfing of yesteryear into a cohesive graphic mash-up of old and new. The test pattern, more formally known as the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineer’s Guideline EG1-1990, represents the three primary colors used in broadcasting (red, green and blue), the three secondary colors (yellow, cyan and magenta) and standardized levels of white, black, color saturation and color phase. The bars are used by video engineers to establish unity gain in a transmission chain from point of origin to point of final transmission.

“I wanted to make sure that the project was suitable for all skill levels, didn’t take very long to make and was functional,” says Samarra. ”The fabric types and colors are easily customizable: simply swap the cotton fleece lining out for a good 1970’s corduroy vibe or even a sharp velvet if you’re feeling extra fancy. Color-wise, a true test pattern contains magenta, but I opted for a burst of neon pink for added pop. It was also a great time to introduce everyone to Yeti, who tells mehe’d also use a Cintiq if he could only hold a stylus properly. At least he has mad sewing skillz."

Get Crafty and Learn How to Sew Your Own Cintiq 13HD Case


Wacky, wonderful and whimsical art and illustration

Inspired by her love of travel, local markets, food and culture, nostalgia, and her young kids, Samarra revels in experimentation, turning the seemingly usual on its head and presenting concepts in a new unexpected light. Her textiles remix traditional fabrics with contemporary design with a cheerful irreverence. They’re bright, bold and, best of all, playful.

Samarra uses her Cintiq 13 to create illustrations for client work as well as her own craft products and fabric designs. All the illustrations in her sewing book (Sew Adorkable: 15 DIY Projects to Keep You Out of Trouble –Quilts, Clothes and Gear for the Chic Geek) and many of the drawings from her coloring book (Off the Bookshelf: 45+ Weirdly Wonderful Designs to Color for Fun and Relaxation ) were created on the tablet. “Before using a Cintiq, I would literally spend hours converting my pen & ink drawing into editable, print-ready vector files. With the Cintiq, I get that time back.”

Adding to that, she says, “I think another wonderful component is how the Cintiq has not eliminated my pen & ink drawing but rather, enhanced it. I can now start an idea on paper, scan it in and finish the idea on my Cintiq without losing the pen & ink feel in the process.”

Samarra’s clients include The New York Times, the Guggenheim, Bliss, Time Magazine, Victoria’s Secret and Cirque du Soleil. She’s exhibited worldwide and won several awards, but gets the biggest kick from seeing her prize-winning 24’ x 120‘ mural, “Heartbeat Brooklyn” featuring a smiling clawfoot bathtub, bagels on a roller coaster, and hot-dogs on a ferris wheel, all frolicking and untouched by graffiti on the side of Lowe’s Brooklyn store.

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