December 8, 2015

Red Bull Doodle Art -
Innovative Doodle Competition for Students

Ever sat in a class, lecture or business meeting and found your pen wandering across your notebook and making a series of squiggles, patterns or funny faces? The great news is you're not alone, but far from demonstrating how bored they are, successful entrants to Red Bull Doodle Art competition real artistic talent. While the basic premise might seem simple and trivial, behind the skill lie many stories and themes that mean a lot personally to the artists.

Wacom had the opportunity to join the Redbull Doodle Art competition in 2015, held in Germany. At the University of Freiburg, Tübingen and Heidelberg, the students were asked to create their best doodle. Then, on Thursday 3 December, the students of each university came together to bring out their votes. 

Three winners were chosen for each University and each won a brand new Bamboo Spark device on which they had to create another doodle for a final battle. This time, besides the students, We asked our community to vote for their favourite doodle by liking it on Facebook. The doodle with the most likes was announced as the final Red Bull Doodle Art Winner and receive an exclusive Red Bull Event package.


Party time!

The best part was that the event was not only about voting for the best doodles, but also coming together to celebrate creativity. There was good music to dance on, good food and different types of art to enjoy. For more photos, clik here.

We had a lot of fun and hope to do it again next year!

Students using the Bamboo Spark


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