September 29, 2014

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Gaming With a Stylus? Well, Yes.

Usage of a stylus in gaming is of course obvious when you play on the Nintendo DS and fairly common on some Android phones. Did you try playing gaming apps on iPad and iPhones with a stylus? There are a couple of reasons why you should actually give it a try.

Let’s look at the advantages of using a stylus:

1. A Stylus is More Accurate

Steve Jobs wasn’t wrong in his original iPhone presentation: We carry a great stylus with us – our finger. However, while fingertips are fine for opening apps and typing emails, they are not shaped ideally for accuracy. Depending on where you want to touch the screen, the angle of your fingertip to the screen varies, and you can easily end up hitting a spot different from where you intended. Styli like the Bamboo Stylus solo or Bamboo Stylus duo have a perfectly rounded tip so you will hit exactly the spot you want to hit.

Never hit the wrong square in Minesweeper 

2. Your Finger Is Out Of The Way

Especially when playing games on the iPhone you face the problem that your finger is attached to your hand – your hand can easily cover screen space that you might want to see. For example, in games where new scenery fades in from the bottom or where upcoming puzzle pieces are shown in the bottom third of the screen (not judging UX here), a stylus is a great help because your hand no longer blocks the view.

3. Your Screen Stays Clean

It seems like a small point but consider this: You are sitting on your sofa relaxing with a game, maybe drinking a cold soda, maybe snacking on the side. The screen of your device is going to get dull and smudgy after a short time and you will feel the need to wipe the screen every five minutes. Not so with a stylus.

Putting all this together, a stylus comes in handy when you play games where the scenery on the screen changes or accuracy combined with speed is needed. Take the popular brain teaser app „Peak“: In one exercise you have to draw a line through rectangles, not unlike a minesweeper screen. You have to be fast and accurate – much easier with a stylus.

Wacom Stylus
Sudoku Tablet
plays great with a stylus

And obviously, games that you are used to play with a pen or pencil come to mind as well. Crossword puzzles or sudoku are just as much fun on an iPad as on paper, a stylus makes the transition easy and you will always have unlimited puzzles with you. In addition, you have a much less obstructed view of the puzzle field.

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