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Ground Control to Major Wacom ✈

Airports have been flying high with our Wacom gear and our remote tower solutions for years. Virtually, all modern controlled airports are equipped with a staffed ...

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Wacom for audio design? That sounds great!

The procedural audio middleware™ GameSynth is a revolutionary sound design tool by studio Tsugi. It uses the latest advances in procedural audio to help you create ...

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Announcing the winners of the Wacom Spider-Verse challenge

In celebration of our partnership with Sony Pictures Animation, we presented the Wacom Spider-Verse challenge on Instagram with prompts centered around, the Golden Globe winning feature, Spider-Man: Into ...

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Creating Iconic and award winning imagery with Digital Light

Who is Digital Light? "Based in London, we are a creative post-production team trusted by the worlds leading brands. We’ve come a long way in the ...

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How I became an animator by freelancer Andrei Terbea and what role Wacom plays

The talented animator and Youtuber Andrei Terbea from Romania basically did an "animate my life". He explains how through determination & hard work you can ...

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Let´s Talk Art | Dark, elegant and romatic fusion with Billelis

Welcome to our first Let’s Talk Art interview of 2019 and this time we’re joined by the incredible Billelis! Billelis is a freelance 3D Illustrator and Art ...

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Eye.C and his talent to create surreal worlds

We are always looking for artists we love. So stay alert, next time we might feature you! This time, we present to you the amazing art of ...

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Wacom launches new Cintiq for entry level artists, students and enthusiasts

The new entry-level class of creative pen display with an optimized feature set for a growing group of young art-and-design students is here!  For who is ...

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Wacom presents: Let´s Talk Art with concept artist Leon Tukker

We´re proud to present this next Let’s Talk Art interview in which Posterspy founder Jack Woodhams traveled to Utrecht, the Netherlands to meet with concept ...

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Christmas tree expectations vs. reality check speed drawing by freelance illustrator Nina Cosford

Nina is that girl that draws. Her Instagram page is full of expectations versus reality and it definitely keeps us in check and it is ...

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Ukrainian artist Daria Artemieva brings Spider-Man to life with Wacom Intuos

The beautiful illustrator and model Daria Artemieva from Kiev made Spider-Man come to life using our Wacom Intuos drawing tablet. Watch the time-lapse below. Or watch ...

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Vectornator: It is a classic win-win situation

Have you already tried the Vectornator app? It´s vector graphics app for iOS that lets both professionals and design enthusiasts create illustrations and graphics on a ...

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