January 5, 2016

Getting Started in Clip Studio Paint with Manga University

The Intuos Comic and Intuos Pro pairs Wacom's pressure-sensitive drawing tablet tech with one of the most popular pieces of software among professional comic book creators and manga artists in the world. It's called Clip Studio Paint (also known as Manga Studio 5), and it's designed specifically for creating digital and print comics. Its host of pencilling, inking, coloring and editing tools speak to users who have worked in traditional pen-and-paper media, as well as those who are getting started telling their own stories through words and pictures for the first time.

In a new tutorial series from Manga University, Japanese mangaka Shiro demonstrates how to set up the application and get to work using its basic tools. Once you're familiar with the app's comic and manga-specific interface, a second tutorial on underdrawing (or digital "penciling," as some call it) can help set you up for sketching success in minutes. From there you can continue to learn inking, coloring, shading and illustrating backgrounds.

Get started using Clip Studio Paint and continue on with the lessons in underdrawing, inking, colouring, shading and adding background below.

Getting started













Creating background

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