September 17, 2014

Elia Locardi Interview


Five Questions to: Travel Photographer Elia Locardi

With his photography being published in print and digital media around the world, Elia Locardi is considered one of the world's best travel photographers. He was recently featured personally in the Professional Photographer Magazine, CNet Australia and more media. We grabbed him in a quiet moment and asked him five questions about his art and craft.

After selling all his possessions and belongings, Elia Locardi and his wife live a 100% mobile lifestyle and adapted to a location independent living. Just after he wrapped up a photo tour in Iceland, he headed straight to Photokina in Cologne, Germany to give some talks and presentations about „Unique Travel & Destination Photography” at the Wacom booth in hall 04.1.

Elia Locardi, Blamethemonkey

Wacom: What is the moment that you remember the most?
Elia: Recently, I was working on an aerial photography project in Queensland Australia. I was flying over Surfers Paradise and was able to capture a double rainbow over the skyline. It was an extraordinary scene to experience from the air and a once in a lifetime event to photograph.

Wacom: What is your favourite place to work?
Elia: With our location independent lifestyle, we’re always on the move so the places where I’m working are constantly changing. I’d have to say that my favourite atmosphere would be a place with a nice view and a solid internet connection, maybe somewhere on the coast of Italy or the countryside of Japan.

Wacom: What motives do you like to photograph the most?
Elia: I shoot a lot of travel and landscape photography, but my favourite subjects are the places where man-made structures harmoniously combine with the natural landscape, like my photographs of Petra Jordan or Cinque Terre Italy.

Wacom: What equipment do you use?
Elia: I use both Nikon and Fujifilm cameras, presently the Nikon D810 and Fujifilm X-T1, along with a variety of lenses ranging from super wide to telephoto. I use Tripods by Really Right Stuff and camera bags from Think Tank Photo.

Wacom: What’s your secret tip for beginners, who want to start with travel photography?
Elia: Shoot as much and as often as you can. The more you practice, the more your photography will improve. If you can’t afford to travel far at first, start close to home and do what you can to build a strong portfolio.

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