September 27, 2016

Instructive Video Tutorial from Digital to Traditional by Miss Led

Illustration tutorial featuring creative industry leader Joanna Henly aka Miss Led, including industry insights, mentor’s workflow and step-step techniques - both traditionally and digitally.

Working in partnership with Train to Create, Miss Led launched her Illustration for Fashion Video Tutorial this month.

Miss Led, also known as Joanna Henly, is an an illustrator, artist and art director with over 14 years of experience in commercial illustration and fine art, ith clients including Google, Ted Baker, Nike, L’Oreal, Vans, Clinique, Swatch, Braun and H&M. Online, her artwork and artist tips have created a social media audience of over 1.3 million people across the world.

The Miss Led Illustration for Fashion Video Tutorial, is an expansive, downloadable 2 hour digital and traditional illustration package which is rich in the insights and processes developed over her career.

The first thing you’ll notice about Miss Led’s illustration work is the attention to detail, the crisp line work and a sense of clean perfection.  It’s not surprising that from an early age creation with pencil on paper has been something of a constant.  And although her work has evolved into the digital realm, she’ll be sure to tell you that she’s firm on not leaving her traditional, ‘purest form’ of working behind.

"Working digitally gives me license to make as many mistakes as possible without the element of risk, and allow them to inform new ways of expression. Placing colours and shapes randomly on top of my drawing work makes me really excited. The work starts to present another identity. I’ll play with digitally cut out shapes and layers for hours before getting the feel right. Then other times drop in a new element without thought and it will work, and then direct the rest of the piece" Miss led says.

Miss Led is commissioned globally to provide art direction, illustration, storyboarding, character design and large-scale mural and installation work to fashion, advertising, media and fine art clients.

The video tutorial produced by the team Train To Create traces an illustration project from the first pencil lines through a range of traditional mixed media colour stages to include digital clean ups and dynamic photographic and textural collage.


Illustration for Fashion is a downloadable video tutorial series providing detailed steps and guidance to help artists improve their traditional and digital techniques.Through over two hours of content, new, experienced and advanced artists and illustrators will learn:

• Miss Led’s approaches to drawing
• Choosing the right materials and tools
• Using Miss Led art techniques
• Experimenting with watercolours
• Applying mixed media colour
• Finishing and digital post-production tips


Illustration For Fashion Purchasers will also receive:    
• Full Adobe Photoshop files for the Miss Led’s artwork featured in the tutorial, including all layers, settings & elements.
• A downloadable set of Miss Led’s personal Adobe Photoshop brushes to use in your work
• A range of Miss Led’s handmade textures for use in your designs, illustrations or post-production.
Exclusive access to live Miss Led Studio web events and web learning seminars.

Click on the image or here to see the video.


Learn to master both traditional and digital techniques in detailed step-by-step Video Chapters with Miss Led, where she will cover:

Drawing the basic figure 
- Choosing your reference image
- Getting the right materials
- Simple guides for drawing the face and body
- Adding guides for clothes and hair
- Building form and creating shadow and highlights

Adding Colour 
- How to experiment and use watercolour  
- Applying ink  
- How to use coloured graphite and coloured aquarelle  
- Using paint pens for bold controlled lines and shape

Dynamic detailing with mixed media
- Picking out the elements of clothing and accessories
- Extending marks & splashes to add character
- Making playful marks and expression with medium  
- Using traditional masking techniques 

**Bonus: Digital section
- Basic scanning of work and textures
- Cleaning up using photoshop
- Composition and Digital collage
- Colour manipulation
- Finishing 

'So whether you are a beginner or an artist looking to develop your practice and learn new skills, you’ll find this Video Tutorial Series an invaluable tool for creating dynamically beautiful, client-ready illustration work'.




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