March 20, 2016

Inking Digitally - Tips & Tricks by Mikiko

Many people have a hard time inking digitally, so here is a quick introduction to digital inking by the talented and lovely Mikiko Ponczeck. Mikiko will be taking us through how to get steady lines, and some digital things that help make inking a little easier to manage.

Before we start: you need a graphic tablet. Some people can create INSANE art work with a mouse, but trust, most professionals use a tablet. For inking, you also need pen pressure sensitivity. Mikiko uses the new Intuos Comic medium size which she likes to take with her on the road.

Step 1 - Create a sketch and scan it

Step 2 - Choose a software program for digital inking

Step 3 - Set up your tablet and assign keystrokes

Step 4 - Use layers and shadows

Lastly - Be patient


About Mikiko Ponczeck

Mikiko - aka Zombiesmile - is a comic, manga and game artist. Illustrator and aspiring catlady.

Due to her father's line of work, Mikiko has moved a lot in her childhood, which resulted in her growing up learning many languages and living in places such as Hong Kong and Brussels.
In 1999 she moved to Germany, where she finished school. Together with American concept and comic artist Shaun Healey, she visited the 2010 SMASH! Convention in Sydney as guests of honour.

More about Mikiko and her work:
Facebook @Mikiko
Instagram @mikikoponczeck
Twitter @Zombiesmile


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