February 19, 2018

How to Share Your Artwork Creatively on the Wacom Gallery

Written by Kenneth Shinabery

They say that presentation is everything, this also holds true to the way we present the artwork in our portfolios.

The first impression counts

When someone clicks on a project they get a first impression to the creative process. What the viewer sees will dictate whether they continues to explore the portfolio or move on. So it is essential for an artist to determine the best way to present his or her artwork.

Explore how others present Behance projects

By exploring the Wacom Gallery on Behance, you will discover both clever and creative ways to present a project. It is important to experiment and determine the best way to showcase your artwork.

In the following video below, we share tips on how to present your artwork and help your portfolio get the attention it deserves. We review the portfolios of a couple artists, who have mastered how to creatively share a project. Hopefully, this will provide you with the inspiration you need to set up an amazing portfolio on the Wacom Gallery.


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About Kenneth Shinabery

Kenneth is a creative from New York City living in Berlin, who has spoken at conferences across Europe regarding creativity and digital presence. Having a keen eye when it comes to discovering new talent, he has curated the Wacom Gallery on Bechance since 2014.

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