Pop-culture artist & illustrator Jor Ros takes the new Wacom Intuos out for a spin

Jor is an illustrator from Barcelona focused on pop culture, fashion, streetwear, and music, developing concepts for different brands. He specializes in digital illustration and has been using Wacom tablets since 2005. So, it definitely made sense to have him try out the new Wacom Intuos.

In this video, Jor covers

  1. a quick unboxing
  2. tablet and driver set-up
  3. tablet registration and software download
  4. tablet features and performance
  5. accessory features
  6. prices
  7. user-friendliness
  8. bluetooth functionality
  9. portability

Enjoy the video below. Hopefully, this is useful to you.

About Jor Ros

Jor once made the best sandwich in the world. He then moved on to create the best taco in the world. All that success and triumph in the span of a week. His spirit animal is a robotic dinosaur and he often is tricked by his own brain into thinking he has solved the meaning of life. He has indeed NOT. He currently lives in Barcelona, where he tries not to google himself too often, and is currently trying and failing to build a dog army for a revolution that nobody asked for.

“FIRE BLOOD CLAY” artwork for Nike by Jor Ros

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