Join the KitBash3D digital art festival during the Bob Ross Twitch Marathon

KitBash3D has partnered with Twitch and ArtStation to hold the first digital art festival in conjunction with Twitch’s incredibly popular Bob Ross Marathon.

They go live on their Twitch channel on Tuesday and Thursday evenings (8-10pm PST) until 20 November. Each night will feature live digital paintings, VR demos and interviews from some of your favorite concept artists and art directors working in the film and video game industries. And we´re happy and proud that our Wacom Cintiq displays are a big part of this festival.

“Wacom is the industry hardware gold standard. I don’t know of any professional digital artist who doesn’t use Wacom products.” – Banks Boutté co-founder KitBash3d


Just like Bob Ross inspired so many people to create, The KitBash3d Festival aims to inspire the next generation of digital artists. To paint this picture, they have enlisted the help of a few of the world’s best artists from beloved franchises like Avengers, Avatar, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Halo, Titanfall, Call of Duty and League of Legends.

We grew up loving music festivals. To us, there was nothing more exciting than getting to watch your favorite artist make something unique right before your eyes. With the KitBash3d Festival we want to capture that live creation excitement and celebrate it with our digital art community and friends” said KitBash3d co-founder Banks Boutté. “We want to shine a spotlight on the artists in this industry,” added KitBash3d co-founder Maxx Burman. “As part of our mission, we aim to inspire and enable artists, so putting on an event like this gives our audience a direct line to their inspirations.

About KitBash3d

KitBash3d creates premium 3D assets for concept art, VFX and design. Their kits have been immediately adopted by the industries top artists, studios and freelancers alike.

The KB3D community interacts in many different corners of the internet, hosting live-streamed digital art festivals and weekly shows as well as the very popular #KB3Dcontest in which thousands of artists from over 75 countries have downloaded their free sample kit from and posted work with the featured sample kit. This month KitBash3d has launched the Utopia contest!

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Kitbash3d Festival 2018 Title Sequence

Trailer made by Mitch Myers and scored by Lyell Evans Roeder

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