Cartoon Network and Wacom: empowering creative vision

As a company, Wacom aims to create the best products possible to help you create your artwork. As people, we at Wacom love geeking out over the people who use our products.
In this video, the amazing artists at Cartoon Network show us how they use Wacom products to create the animations for the TV shows we all know and love.

We’ve really enjoyed getting to know how the products help Cartoon Network to streamline their work, and how each of the different creatives in the animation process use our tablets in so many different ways. One particular scene sticks in our minds: one of the artists zooming around on a hoverboard while drawing on a Wacom MobileStudio Pro… it was both hilarious and anxiety-inducing!

If you’re interested in seeing how one of the big animation studios works and want a sneak peek inside their beautiful office, check out the video below

Cartoon Network’s creatives, and their thoughts on creativity and tools

There’s something about drawing that’s so exhilarating. There’s this rush you get when you make something that wasn’t there before.” – Sarah Gencarelli, Animation Director

Sarah Gencarelli (Animation Director) working on a sketch animation on her Wacom Cintiq

The best tools you can use when you’re a creative person are ones where you don’t have to think about what the tool actually is. It just flows right from your brain through your hand right on to whatever you’re working on.” – Nick Cross, Art Director

I got into art because it was viable because Wacom products made it viable.” – Dave Alegre, Storyboard Artist

Dave Alegre (Storyboard Artist) creating storyboard sketches while chilling on the couch with his MobileStudio Pro

You always have to be improving and getting better, because you don’t grow otherwise, and Wacom grows with artists.” – Sarah Gencarelli, Animation Director

A colleague zooming around the office on a hoverboard while using a MobileStudio Pro

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