Part 3: 14 steps to drawing a manga comic with Clip Studio Paint and Wacom Intuos

Using Clip Studio Paint and Wacom Intuos, artist Caterina Rocchi will show you the process from sketch to the final piece while creating a manga comic. Wacom teamed up with her and Celsys to give you this insider’s view of manga creation.
The lovely Caterina is the owner of Lucca Manga School in Italy. In this tutorial series, she goes through the entire process of creating a manga comic and breaks it down in 13 steps.

These videos are great for beginners who need help getting started, but the tutorial also works for a more advanced artist who wants to improve their comic drawing skills.

So, let´s create a comic!

1) The process of creating a comic

This video is an introduction to the manga comic production workflow.

2) Creating a new canvas, resolution and layers

In this episode, we prepare a canvas to start drawing.

3) Drafting the comic

In this episode, we draw a rough draft of your manga.

4) Text and balloons

In this episode, text is added, and speech balloons are drawn using various techniques.

5) The Pencil tool

In this episode, we cover the [Pencil] tool which is used to draw a draft for inking.

6) Creating frames and borders

In this episode, we cover frame borders which are made by drawing frames over the draft.

7) Inking and speech bubbles

In this episode, we go over inking characters on the draft layer.

8) Background #1 of 2

A background is drawn using a perspective ruler.

9) Background #2 of 2

A background is drawn using photos and 3D data.

10) Hand-drawn text

In this episode, we´ll add hand-drawn texts such as sound effects.

11) Effect lines

In this episode, we cover effect lines which are drawn using tools such as Ruler.

12) Decoration brushes

Here we cover screen tones and adding patterns using the decoration brush.

13) Toning patterns and exporting

In this episode, we go over pasting screen tones, finishing up and exporting your manga comic.

14) Coloring a manga

This episode demonstrates the process of coloring.

About Clip Studio Paint and Wacom Intuos

Celsys Clip Studio Paint Pro is bundled with our new Wacom Intuos pen tablet and is the perfect 2D drawing software tool for comic and manga creation. Whether you want to simply enhance and perfect your pen-and-paper drawings or you want to experience a completely digital creative process.

More about Caterina Rocchi

Caterina Rocchi is the owner of Lucca Manga School in Italy. She studied art in Italy and was looking for the opportunity to study Manga. So, Caterina took matters into her own hands and established a school of her own. Wacom is quite proud to be able to support this school and its mission.

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