January 4, 2016

Entrepreneurs use the Bamboo Spark for the first time

User experiences of Bamboo Spark are flowing in since its release, and with them, praise for the smart folio’s performance pen-to-paper-to-digital experience. From Bamboo Spark’s high-accuracy to its convenient cloud features, designers and editors alike have been impressed with the workflow-empowering tool.

We have asked four entrepreneurs to try out the Bamboo Spark for themselves and asked them how the device would fit in their workflow.

Product Designer and Teacher Florian Obstfeld uses the Bamboo Spark


Visual Artist Lidy de Koning uses the Bamboo Spark

Innovation Strategist Christopher Peterka uses the Bamboo Spark

Management Consultant Victoria Gerards uses the Bamboo Spark


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Bamboo Spark

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Bamboo Spark Take notes. Make ideas. From paper, to cloud, to life. The Bamboo Spark is a smart folio with a smart ballpoint pen, and a spot for your favourite paper. Write by hand. Press a button and save your handwritten notes to the Bamboo Spark app for light editing. Use the Wacom Cloud for archiving, sharing and access anywhere. Capture handwritten notes on any paper and with a push of a button your handwritten content is saved in the...

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