October 12, 2016

Digital Designers Flock to Wacom’s London Design Festival Event

An evening with Glen Southern, Wacom Evangelist for UK and Ireland.

How does a 3D designer to the stars spend his working days? And how do you go from being an upstart CAD addict to working on the likes of the Dungeons and Dragons 2 movie and high profile Nike ads? Wacom hosted a night with renowned 3D modeler and digital sculptor, Glen Southern, who was able to tell all.

An audience of industry peers filled the room at the Victoria and Albert Museum for a memorable event held as part of London’s prestigious Design Festival. Attendees from various sectors including 3D design, CG and gaming were on hand to hear the fascinating talk given by Glen. And with his broad expertise spanning physical and digital sculpture, there was something for everyone as Glen shared his business insight.

Among the topics of discussion was the history of digital sculpture. Glen covered the evolution of his art form from the 1990s to the present day. He talked about the early days of the design software ZBrush and how digital sculpting has changed since then. He then showcased some of his own work from ITV’s Frankenstein Chronicles, Penny Dreadful and the Last Day on Mars. Even the uninitiated in the room were familiar with the various steps of 3D sculpting aliens and monsters by the end of the evening.

But just as interesting as the 3D creations was Glen’s personal story. Starting out his career as a CAD designer, Glen followed up with training in commercial graphics/print, but then left the industry to gain a business degree. With training and development experience securely under his designer belt, Glen went on to found Southern GFX and has since then worked with some of the most talented people in the industry. 

Currently, he works for clients across a broad range of industries with the bulk of his work in broadcast television and advertising. His work has been widely acknowledged by clients and peers, including Star Wars Director JJ Abrahams who commended him on his artistic skills. 

As part of the evening, Glen shared his top tips for budding designers in the room wanting to replicate his success: 
Learn anatomy. Human and animal
Take life classes when you can (sculpting and drawing)
Love your topology (edge loops, quads vs ngons etc.)
Research the job you want to do and find out who is the best
Don’t get hung up on which software to learn

After Glen’s talk, the event continued to buzz, with digital designers trying Wacom’s Test and Learn stations, featuring the new Intuos 3D

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