December 9, 2014

Richard Ward, Illustrator & Product Designer on Cintiq Companion

Richard Ward, Illustrator & Product Designer on Cintiq Companion

Richard Ward is one of 8 professional illustrators and designers who were offered by Digital Arts magazine and Wacom to give Cintiq Companion a 30-day trial run. This video shows the toy designer’s verdict after a month of working with the mobile graphic tablet.

Illustrator and product designer Richard Ward works at Bigjigs Toys in Rochester, UK, where he develops wooden toys for children, ranging from wooden train sets to puzzles and baby products. To create his designs, Richard normally develops his illustrations and technical drawings with an Intuos 5 graphic tablet hooked up to his desktop computer, mainly using Adobe Illustrator, Corel Painter and Photoshop.

After the trial period, Richard Ward claims that Cintiq Companion enhances his work process in different ways. The designer identifies three major plus points: Most of all, he enjoys the freedom to carry the device around with him to draw and create wherever he feels inspired. Windows 8 is another advantage for Richard who is used to working with the Windows operating system in his office as well. To the toy developer, sketching is one of the most important parts when designing a new product. Therefore, he appreciates that Cintiq Companion improves his productivity and saves time when creating sketches and drawings directly onto the screen.

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