February 8, 2016

Bamboo Spark for Writers: Write Longhand and Covert to Text

Writers: now you can join the ranks of Joyce Carol Oates, Neil Gaiman and Amy Tan. Those famous writers write longhand. For most writers, however, the thought of writing by hand and then typing all of those words can feel like a backward step in the creative flow.

Introducing Bamboo Sparka smart notebook that saves your handwritten notes digitally. With a Wacom Cloud account, you can also convert those handwritten notes to plain text instead of retyping. Now writers of all stripes can write like their heroes while continuing to move their process forward.

What is Bamboo Spark?

Bamboo Spark is smart notebook that you can carry with you for taking your notes or writing your drafts using any paper you want and the Bamboo Spark pen. Bamboo Spark saves your notes as you write them. As long as it’s on, your notes are being saved digitally. Press the button to start a new page and transfer your notes to the Bamboo Spark app for Android or iOS. There you can split your notes, or make light edits. In a beta-version you can also convert your handwriting to plain text then keep typing. The handwriting to text conversion is free to use for a limited trial period and will turn into a paid premium feature later.


Writer’s workflow made simple in 3 steps

Bamboo Spark is awesome for a writer’ workflow. And in a beta-version it even allows you to convert everything from initial brainstorming and longhand note-taking into a draft with a minimal amount of fuss. Once you convert your writing into text, you can move things around, cut and paste, and combine elements of each document.

Here’s how it works:

1) Brainstorm your ideas in your Bamboo Spark notebook. You might even want to try sketchnoting to help your ideas take shape. Once your genius is down on paper, hit the button, then open up the Bamboo Spark app to export your writing to plain text.

2) Tear off a new sheet and use your notes to help you write out a longhand first draft. You may be thinking this is a really slow way to start a draft, but it’s so worth it. Writing things out is a more deliberate process, so your end result is going to be more cohesive than if you typed it out.

For most people, typing is much faster, but that means words and concepts can get away from you since they’re flowing so quickly through your fingertips. When you’re writing longhand, you’re inherently more mindful of what you’re composing and that means a more structured and organized draft. Sometimes going back to old school methods is the quickest way to move forward.

3) Once your first draft is complete, use Bluetooth to connect Bamboo Spark to your iOS or Android device, press the button to sync the captures, or to convert your writing to text. Now you can share it via email or put it in Evernote or Dropbox and start editing.

After that, your creativity awaits. Look out Neil Gaiman!

Introducing Bamboo Spark: a smart notebook that saves your handwritten notes digitally. With a Wacom Cloud account, you can also convert those handwritten notes to plain text instead of retyping.

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