January 19, 2017

New Series: Let´s Talk Art

We're excited to announce our brand new artist interview series, focusing on creatives who use Wacom to enhance their workflow.

Delve into the mind of the artists and find out what led them to where they are today, as well as discovering insider tips and advice on how to get your work out there. #LetsTalkArt

Your monthly dose of inspiration

Each interview will provide advice and help for both emerging and established artists. They will be focusing on different aspects of creative design, highlighting work from a variety of different styles. We aim to showcase the artist´s work in the highest quality so the interviews act as a source of your own monthly dose of inspiration. So if you're an artist looking for ideas and motivation, be sure to follow this series on our social media.

Renowned Artists

The series will be written by Jack Woodhams, the founder of PosterSpy.com a global community for alternative poster artists. Jack will conduct interviews on a monthly basis with the website's most notable and renowned members as well as other popular artist. Artists who have created work for the likes of Marvel Studios, Disney, 20th Century Fox and more! Here is a snap shot:

Paul Shipper
John Keaveney
Payback Penguin (Josh Campbell)
Kevin McGivern

Stay tuned!

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